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Just got back from the middle of nowhere, and here I am greeted with a lot of imported goods from my Uncle and Aunt in Florida.

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I can’t remember the last time I logged in here with a PC. Been busy with school the past couple of weeks and so preoccupied with life in society. It’s a shit ton of none sense yet I enjoy it in a way I could destress myself from all the books and responsibilities thrown at me.

Finally the semester is almost over. Hoping I can go back to my old routines though only added with more of ‘em for beneficial reasons. I’m tired, yet still want to push through and get my ass off the lazy seat. It’s a struggle.

Missing a couple of peeps in this big blue pit of endless fun. I shall return, though it doesn’t mean I’m staying everyday cuz damn, where the heck can I find an internet connection in the middle of nowhere with a 5 year old 2GigaHertz Laptop and a broken graphic pen tablet =.=


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Can’t type properly in this screen. Tryin to get used to windows 8 tumblr. By then I’ll be using this so I can post here. Skype is bein’ a jerk in windows 8. Could be a bug.

Gomen I’ve been away for so long. Wishing I could pinch your cheek right now and make it up to you after this long absence.

Gotta find a way. Though I have so many things to share to you. Sad and happy. I’ll slowly post ‘em here each day so that you got something to read. Hoping that you’re okay there. Stay safe, take care, drink lot’s if water. Hug your dogs all the time. You need all the love you can get. Don’t deprive yourself that keeps you motivated and happy.

Sky, smile. *hugs* I’m worried about you.

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I seriously need a new graphic pen tablet. Watching everyone draw digitally makes me really desperate to get one asap.

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Toffee caramel cheesecakeĀ 

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imagine if we all went to school together


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Wow. That took guts.

At first I was like okay why are we throwing away a ladder and then my heart melted.

True story.

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"sir you can not get a restraining order against spiders"


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